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Life Image

Please note Clara’s right hand which seems to be grasping something. Perhaps she was holding a ball-clock. They can be found at rural auctions in England.



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Clara Ford’s Hair, Wedding Band, Slim Waist & Bowtie


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Known Images

From the collections of The Henry Ford

From the collections of The Henry Ford

Note the loose wedding band which suggests that she might be wearing it for the first time.


From the collections of The Henry Ford



Henry Ford’s Hair


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Please compare the eyebrows.



Henry Ford’s Hands


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Known Images


Viewer, please note the little finger of Henry’s right hand.
Is it harmonious with his other fingers?



From the collections of The Henry Ford


It appears that the rim of the hat seems to be up against a book, holding it in place. If so, the book is likely a Bible, underscoring the likelihood that this tintype was made on their wedding day.

In the above known photographic image of Henry Ford, he is holding a straw hat by the rim. In the tintype, the young man is also holding a hat by its rim, the same round shape as the straw hat of the known image.


Note the shirt collar which seems to be identical to the shirt collar in the tintype.



Henry Ford, born in 1863, and Clara Jane Bryant, born in 1866, were married on Wednesday, April 11, 1888, Clara’s birthday. Perhaps this tintype was made on that very day. He was 24 years of age, Clara 22 years of age.


This is a typical low-end 1880’s tintype in which distortion and fuzziness is built-in.


Clara had a distinctive nose, and while we cannot make out the contours of her nostrils, the little we do see is agreeable with Clara’s nose.



Is it possible that on his wedding day, April 11, 1888, (also Clara’s 22nd birthday), Henry Ford’s face was transfigured?


Is it possible that the camera was not as awful as I said it was?


If this man is Henry, why does he not appear, at least to my eye, to be Henry? The face is similar to that of Henry Ford.


I am thinking that perhaps Henry Ford appears, if only for a moment, transfigured.




Henry Ford’s voluminous anti-Semitic publications were so profoundly influential in Germany, Baldur von Schirach, at his Nuremberg trial, testified, “The decisive anti-Semitic book which I read at that time, (early 1920s), and the book which influenced my comrades, was Henry Ford’s book, ”The International Jew.” I read it and became an anti-Semite.”


Surely Ford could not have imagined that his great granddaughter would marry a Jew, Johnny Uzielli, an acquaintance of mine. Coincidentally, we were together the evening he met his future wife.


Of course, Herr Ford could not support a war against Germany. That is crystal clear. He was a 100% supporter of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany before the war, during the war, and after the war. One of Ford’s admirable virtues was his consistency.


In Nuremberg, 1946, Julius Streicher, publisher of “Der Sturmer” was found guilty, as publisher, of crimes against humanity, and hung. Why was Henry Ford spared? Was Ford less guilty than Streicher? A case could be made that he was more guilty than Streicher! Ford’s European publications included not only his four volume, “The International Jew”. Incredible as it may seem, Ford also published and freely distributed, “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion”.


He aspired to the White House. If he had succeeded, Johnny Uzielli, myself, and millions of American Jews might have followed their European families to the killing pits and suffocation chambers.


While Henry Ford was not an SS concentration camp commandant, is his guilt any less than those who were? I recall somebody saying that Henry Ford paved the road to Sobibor.


It is inconceivable to me that, at minimum, Henry Ford was not thrown into a cell in Sing Sing immediately upon Germany’s declaration of war.



“I don’t like to read books. They muss up my mind.”

Henry Ford